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Oil Change

  • Check the oil levels, coolant levels and washer fluid levels

  • Oil filter replacement

  • Complimentary tire rotation

  • Routine oil changes ensure that the vehicles engine will run at its maximum capacity promoting better health for the engine.


Battery Check

  • Check voltage

  • Inspect all wires and perform test to ensure battery is performing properly


Full Brake Service

  • Evaluate the wear on brake pads and rotors

  • Check brake fluid



To ensure a vehicle runs smoothly, tune-ups are needed. This includes the change, or replacement of (May depend on vehicle make and year):

  • Spark plugs/Spark plug boots

  • Check spark plug wires

  • Check ignition coils

  • Misfire detections

  • Inspection engine fuel injector's to ensure no dirt or debris may limit engine capability

  • Check fuel filter


Suspension Services

  • Inspect vehicle for any leaks from power steering

  • Check individual steering and suspension components


Common Needs

Engine light on?

The most common cause of the engine light coming on can be due to a failed oxygen sensor, bad spark plugs or a catalytic converter. We will offer FREE estimates to ensure you're riding safely and in comfort.


Staying up to date with scheduled maintenance is important for the health of your vehicle. 

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